M&W is an event decorating company based in Toronto, Canada & Beyond 

We live for new ideas and challenges to improve our skills

My love for interior decor and floral arrangement drove me to start an event decor company. I had the passion, skills and creativity to be successful in this industry but I knew I needed a partner who was equally enthusiastic and passionate to thrive. I was always creative growing up, I took art courses in high school and did some interior decor gigs before tapping into the event decor world.


One afternoon I was on instagram and saw a table setting picture Winnie had posted and I sent her a message immediately, it was beautifully done and her choice of  colours and texture was outstanding. We then became close friends and started talking about our future career goals in the décor industry and I knew I found the right partner.


In 2015 Winnie and I decided to share our gift of creativity with the world and that is when our company was established. Our very first event was a Baby dedication reception in August and the guest and our clients were thrilled. They  fell in love with our exquisite visual eye to transforming the event space, the dazzling floral arrangements and the glamour and style we brought to the event.


Our team is a mighty force together and our mission is to create an ultimate luxury experience and make our client's dream a reality.






What can I say about myself? I think that I’m an out going, fun and intelligent person. I am very friendly and very optimistic. I love to laugh and love to keep the people that love me close.


As a little girl growing up I became in love with weddings and planning special events. The White Angelic Decor, the Bright Colors, from the small details to beautiful smiles on the faces of guests and families. That desire to create something beautiful and jaw dropping for a couple on their big day never left me.


Melissa and I were already friends but we both didn't know we were in love with the same thing, which is event decor. I had posted a picture of a table setting I decorated in my house and she immediately messaged me, from there we started talking about our interests and goals in the decor business.


Our first event (flower wall decor) was crazy! It was a Baby Dedication event for an African couple. We literally worked all night at the hall from the Friday night till about 3am in the morning. I was nervous and excited at the same time and we really did an amazing job. The compliments we recieved were uplifting.  


We definitely have some big plans under our sleeves and we hope to go far with this business. Being young and being able to keep up with the trending ideas in the decor industry is definitely an asset. Having a partner like Melissa is a double blessing, we have a Yin-Yang model to our vision and I love it!

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